Beautification Tips for Renters

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At Panzera Realty, we love it when our renters take pride in where they live even though someone else owns the property. What’s more fun than fixing up a space to make it your own? It can be trickier to do when you’re a renter, but here are a few decorating tips that we see from our own renters of both single- and multi-family units, and that we’ve found online. And all of them are portable!

  • Garden baskets and boxes – A outdoor decor no-brainer, right? Hanging a lush wave petunia basket from a porch railing or hook can perk up any street view, and window boxes–especially second floor, front-facing flower boxes–add charm. Movable potted or boxed herb gardens add style and scent to outdoor and indoor spaces. The variations on this idea are truly endless.
  • Pegboard – Paint it, prop it, hang it, and display practically anything on it — pans, photographs, spice packets, scarves. It’s cheap ($18 for a 4′ x 8′ at Lowe’s) and pops off the wall easily for a move to a new space.
  • Knobs and pulls – If the cabinets in your rental aren’t exactly what you’d pick out for yourself, you can give them a facelift by spending just a little to change the knobs and pulls. Just make sure to save the owner’s so you can switch them back when you move out and take your flair with you.
  • Temporary wallpaper – Long gone are the days of steaming off wallpaper and fighting with the nasty glue. Peel-n-stick wallpapers come in a host of patterns. Most of them claim that they won’t damage the paint job and that cleanup is as easy as peeling off the paper and wiping down the walls.

Here are some other dos and don’ts on decorating rentals from the experts at HGTV.