Preventive Maintenance Is Money Well Spent

After a downpour like the one we had this weekend, investment property owners and management companies no doubt fielded all kinds of rain-related calls for flooded basements and dripping ceilings. It’s a good reminder that preventive property maintenance—especially on roofing—can serve as protection during that kind of nasty weather.

We found a great DIY roof inspection checklist at that every property owner should see, and a related blog post on the same site that suggests ways to help prevent water damage during the next bout of heavy rain.

Good residential property managers should scan their investors’ properties routinely to issue-spot and perform preventive maintenance to help owners avoid huge spends after a disaster. With regard to roofing, a knowledgeable property manager can do a quick inspection from the street, looking for cracked or broken shingles, cracked caulk or rust spots around flashing, and masses or moss or lichen that indicate decay on the underside of the roof. They can then report to the owner, and get the go-ahead to spend a little money to fix a smaller problem now, rather than a lot of money to fix a monster of a problem later.

Preventive maintenance should never be a scamming way for a property manager to make money off of an owner, but always a way to help an owner protect the real estate investment and build wealth over time.