Rental Application


Pre-Qualify yourself BEFORE completing this application.

Basic Rental Criteria

  1. You MUST be able to provide VERIFIABLE income for the last 60 days of at least 3X the monthly rental amount.
  2. You MUST be in good standings with all utility companies, NO unpaid utility collections. Must be able to put utilities in your name.
  3. Any BANKRUPTCY MUST be discharged. Any rental collection in the bankruptcy will be considered negative rental history and is a deniable factor.
  4. Must have at least 2 years of GOOD, VERIFIABLE rental history.
  5. Any CURRENT EVICTION, will not be accepted and will be an automatic application denial.
  6. Only EVICTIONS two or more years old with a zero balance and 2 years or more of positive rental history since eviction, will be considered. ALL evictions with in 2 years of this application will be an immediate denial.
  8. NO misdemeanor or felony convictions of a violent, sexual or drug related nature. NO matter of the offense date.
  9. No more than 2 persons per bedroom.

Please note:

List of basic criteria does not guarantee approval. Panzera Realty has the final decision of approval and or denial.

Applications that do not meet all basic criteria may be approved with stipulations, at Panzera Realty discretion.

Photo ID, income documentation, application fee and hold fee (in money order form) all ALL REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF THE APPLICATION.

Panzera Realty will work hard to complete this application with in 2 days. If the application goes over 2 days due to Panzera Realty not being able to gather information at no fault of Panzera Realty, the application may be denied, and Panzera Realty will continue to market the rental unit.

Upon Notification of approval, the applicant must pay the full security deposit and sign the lease with in 2 business days. Holding fee will be forfeited and the unit will be placed back on the market immediately following expiration of the stated deadline.

All applicants signing agree that they have read and fully understand ALL rental criteria. All documentation, application fee of $40 per person and holding fee of $100 due with the application in order to process. ALL application fees are final, and no refund will be given once the application process has started. Once the application is approved and the lease signed, the holding fee will be credited toward the security deposit. If the application is denied or applicant fails to sign the lease by given deadline or applicant decides not to move forward with the application, the holding fee is forfeited.